Our Services

Advantage Chemical, LLC. is a production chemical company and oilfield service provider based in Palestine, Texas. We offer a diverse array of services tailored to solving the problems of oil and gas production companies throughout the United States.

Some of our many professional oil and gas production services include:

What sets us apart from our competition is our access to a collective knowledge database from chemists and laboratories throughout North America. We understand the issues that businesses in the oil and gas production industry face when it comes to efficiency, affordability, and safety. That’s why our business has been crafted to address the needs of our clients at every turn, ensuring your operations run more smoothly than ever before.

When you are ready to see a greater return on your investment and want peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your oilfield industry project works as it should, you need a partner that provides you with a distinct advantage over your competition. Contact the Advantage Chemical team today to learn more about our superior service offerings for businesses in the oil and gas production industry.